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Lessons learnt from Captain Marvel

Last week I finally made it to the cinema to see Captain Marvel which had taken a while, but I wanted to see it before Endgame hit the big screen. If you haven’t seen the film and don’t know the plot, it might be worth bailing now as there might be spoilers otherwise. I was quite excited to see the first Marvel female lead character as I have loved the Marvel films so far and really enjoyed Wonder Woman. When I was watching the film, it struck me that there were some good life lessons in there so here is what I picked up:

Try to be the best version of yourself

The film starts with Yon-Rogg training Vers to control her abilities while she is part of the Kree Starforce. One of the first things he says to her is that he is trying to get her to be the best version of herself. Whilst being a superhero is probably beyond most of us, one thing we can always do is strive for progress and to better ourselves.

Whatever form this comes in, whether it is exercise, reading, learning a new skill, all those things help us get better. This helps us grow and develop but the important thing to look for is progress not perfection. If you are looking for perfection in everything then you are going to be disappointed as you will always fall short but if you look for progress, then you will see that over a period if you keep working at it.captain-marvel-3

Don’t let others hold you back

When Danvers was a pilot in the US Air Force with her friend Maria Rambeau, they weren’t allowed to fly combat missions due to their gender. They were both capable pilots, probably more so than some of the men, but they were held back by other’s beliefs. As they both prove as the film continues, they should have been able to compete on a level footing with everyone else. By being held back by the actions of others, you are never able to find your own way.

The point here is not that you should reject authority or break rules but that you shouldn’t let yourself be defined by what others think. When the male pilot comments about why it is called a cockpit reflects his shortcomings and Danvers shouldn’t let that define her. The best way to deal with it is to use it as motivation for becoming the best version of yourself. Don’t let what others think of you define you, you are free to define who you are, and it is what you think about yourself that counts.

Take charge of yourself

Vers only has full control of herself and her powers when she frees herself from the Kree implant. Up to that point they had been limiting her with their thoughts and beliefs, but she was only truly free and in control of herself when she got free of the influence of others.

The lesson to take from this is that you must take ownership of your own life and your choices and decisions. It does not matter what others think or say about you if you are happy with yourself. True happiness comes from within and we all have the power to be happy, it just comes through taking ownership of your life and doing what is best for you.

qhdIhfE0GBMbp2H0i2uWjjA49LKRemoving the disconnect to reach your full potential After Captain Marvel has freed herself from the implant, she is able to become one with her powers and reach her full potential which takes her way beyond anything she thought (and the Kree thought) possible. Becoming one with yourself helps you take charge and reach your full potential.

Another example of this is in Vers relationship with the Supreme Intelligence as Vers is urged to keep her emotions in check. This prevents her from reaching her full potential as it stops Vers acting as one and creates the disconnect between mind and body. She can only become truly powerful when she finds a way to take control and finds a way to get her mind and body to work in unison.

If you think of yourself with your mind and body being separate, then then this can create a disconnect between the two. All of you was meant to work in synchronicity and that is where the magic happens. Some refer to it as a state of flow and it’s what you often see in sportspeople when they are at the top of their game as they make it look effortless. This can only happen when your body and mind act as one. We all have far more potential than we will ever know and even though you may not be able to fire photon blasts like Captain Marvel, you will be able to do things you previously thought were beyond you if you can remove that disconnect. Meditation and exercise have helped me get closer to working in unison and having a creative outlet through art also helps. I can’t claim to have cracked it yet but I’m getting closer every day.

Get knocked down 7 times, get up 8

When Danvers is captured by Starforce she is restrained and made to interface with the Supreme Intelligence. When she does, she has flashbacks to various points in her life which show her crashing a go-kart, falling off a rope in Air Force training and being put down by her father. As she starts to believe in herself it shows you her getting up after those things even more determined to try again and succeed. One of the key things in life is having resilience as life will knock you down, but you need to keep getting back up. Every time you fail is an opportunity to learn and by learning you can grow. If you keep going you will eventually get there as Danvers does when she breaks out from the Supreme Intelligence and becomes at one with her powers.

Making the right choices can be hard

At the end of the film Captain Marvel flies off to find the Skrulls a new home. She didn’t want to leave Rambeau and her daughter Monica, especially after just being reunited with them and regaining her memory. Helping the Skrulls was the right thing to do as their planet had been destroyed by the Kree so Danvers had a difficult choice to make but she made the right choice in order to achieve the most positive outcome. She had to put aside her feelings and make the right call even though that was the difficult option. Too many times we all take the path of least resistance but to get anywhere you must be honest enough with yourself to know when you must make the right decision even if it leads to a hard road ahead.

The same can be said for when Rambeau joins the fight to rescue the Skrulls from their hiding place in Lawson’s cloaked laboratory. As a parent, you don’t want to put yourself in dangerous situations when you have your children to look after but Rambeau makes the difficult choice in order to help save the Skrulls. It would have been easier (and safer) for her to stay at home with her daughter but sometimes you have to put yourself out to help others.

Cats are monsters!

When the tentacles came out of the Goose’s mouth it made me laugh as that’s the sort of reaction cats normally have to me! Goose also caused Fury’s blindness so despite the fact it came across as being friendly through the film it had another side to it. I’m not a fan of cats, although next doors cats are alright, and it’s clear now that you need to be wary of cats just in case, they are a Flerken!

There’s not long to go now until Endgame and the excitement is building already. It will be interesting to see if there are any lessons in there as well.

Onwards and upwards

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