New updates

Training blog updated along with the progress on the sponsor page.

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2 thoughts on “New updates

  1. Hi Stuart. Don’t beat yourself up over the changes in your training plans. It was natural for you to be low after your illness & to be deflated after the high of completing the bike ride. Depression is very good @ throwing these wobbles & in some ways makes you subconsciously expect them. The hardest part is to accept that some feelings are not due to depression as such but because you have had a physical illness. If you can’t make the gym you could maybe try to do any little thing that you can succeed at. Being able to think of this as you go to sleep means that it has been a positive day. I’m not preaching but trying to offer support & strategies to get through these periods & I agree that it is really difficult & lonely. I hope this week is a lot better & that the triplets are getting back to normal. There is a nasty bug going around here which is making the little one’s quite I’ll. Goodluck


    1. Thanks for the support Claire. I’ll get through all this one way or another. It’s been a bit harder than I thought it would be mentally as opposed to physically. This week has been better but I’m nowhere near where I wanted and need to be by this stage. I’ve just got to get some decent training in over the next week or so and get through the next event in one piece.


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