York Triathlon is on the horizon and the days are counting down. Over the past few weeks things have not been going entirely to plan. Plan is obviously a loose term given my history of turning up at events woefully underprepared, but I did have some idea of what I wanted to work on in … Continue reading Endgame

Born To Run

It’s not the first time I’ve decided to take on a challenge despite being unfit and unprepared and I’m sure it won’t be the last (much to the dismay of my long-suffering wife Elaine). On 14 July I’ll be taking part in the City of York Triathlon that takes place at York Sports Village. To … Continue reading Born To Run

The Second Coming

The second year for the Dan Rhodes Foundation has been a bit like the difficult second album. When a band has made a brilliant debut, they often find it difficult to better it with their second. Notable failures to improve on their first offering include The Stones Roses, Audioslave, Suede, The Arctic Monkeys and Rage … Continue reading The Second Coming

Under pressure

This week is Mental Health Awareness week and the theme for this year is stress. Stress has probably been one of the biggest triggers that has caused issues with my own mental health. Stress is a necessary evil as part of our human makeup as it helps us survive but unfortunately in the modern world … Continue reading Under pressure

Thank You

As the first year of the Foundation draws to a close, it is time to reflect on what has been a successful year. Over the year, we have managed to raise awareness of mental health issues, raise our profile and follower numbers and raise some money to help with the fight against mental illness. There … Continue reading Thank You


Total Warrior soon seemed to have come around again and as we got closer to the day of the event it became evident that I wasn’t going to be as prepared as I would have liked. I’d been struggling with a knee ligament injury for a couple of months that needed rest (not sure how … Continue reading Regret

Down in a hole – The story of Born Survivor 13 May 2017

After the success of the Major Series back in March 2017, it didn’t take long before we set our sights on the next challenge. Not being able to rest on our laurels, we decided to take it up a notch and try the ultimate military obstacle course – Born Survivor. This would be a much … Continue reading Down in a hole – The story of Born Survivor 13 May 2017

In The Army Now – British Military Fitness Major Series 18 March 2017

It had soon come around, despite it being three months into the year, it soon seemed to be time to tackle the British Military Fitness Major Series event at Bramham Park. Ahead of us was 10k of mud, water and obstacles to test us physically and mentally. As it was at Bramham Park it was … Continue reading In The Army Now – British Military Fitness Major Series 18 March 2017

100 mile cycling challenge – 16 January 2016

In one sense it seemed a long time since I kicked off the year of challenges by cycling from Drighlington to Welton in the freezing cold of February, but in another sense the end of the year of challenges soon seems to have come around. In part that will be down to the fact that … Continue reading 100 mile cycling challenge – 16 January 2016

Come and join in the fun

.   Why not come along and join in the fun on Saturday to raise awareness of mental health issues and to raise funds for the Blurt Foundation and Mind in memory of Dan Rhodes. It will be close to the second anniversary of his passing and will mark the end of a year of … Continue reading Come and join in the fun