Against All Odds

This wasn't going to my first rodeo. I'd done a triathlon before (albeit a while ago) but as Sunday 14 July was getting closer, it was making me more and more anxious. Training had started well, and I was making good progress but then my advancing years started to catch up with me. It started … Continue reading Against All Odds

Broken, Beaten & Scarred

It’s fair to say that I’m two from three in the title. The last couple of weeks haven’t been a great lead up ahead of York Triathlon. Training has been hampered by a back problem which has meant training has been difficult. To say that it has been frustrating is an understatement which was epitomised … Continue reading Broken, Beaten & Scarred


It’s been another tough week, but we’ve started to move in the right direction. Like turning around an oil tanker this is taking longer than you hope and much more effort but at least there has been some progress which is better than last week. That said, it hasn’t really reflected in my training yet … Continue reading Stronger


York Triathlon is on the horizon and the days are counting down. Over the past few weeks things have not been going entirely to plan. Plan is obviously a loose term given my history of turning up at events woefully underprepared, but I did have some idea of what I wanted to work on in … Continue reading Endgame

Born To Run

It’s not the first time I’ve decided to take on a challenge despite being unfit and unprepared and I’m sure it won’t be the last (much to the dismay of my long-suffering wife Elaine). On 14 July I’ll be taking part in the City of York Triathlon that takes place at York Sports Village. To … Continue reading Born To Run

5km Swimming Challenge – 29 December 2015

After having to cancel the Men's Health Survival of the fittest in November following my altercation with a door and then the weeks of illness that followed, it hasn't left much time for the remaining challenges. After all of the great work done by Cath & Ben Rhodes, Barry & Brenda Rhodes, Mary Potter and … Continue reading 5km Swimming Challenge – 29 December 2015

The Final Countdown – new challenges and more!

Today has seen the start of the week of sponsored swims. It was all dived off by Dan's parents Barry and Brenda and will be followed on Saturday by Dan's wife and son, Cath and Ben. They have all be fundraising for the Blurt Foundation and Mind to try and get us closer to our … Continue reading The Final Countdown – new challenges and more!