The Final Countdown – new challenges and more!

Today has seen the start of the week of sponsored swims. It was all dived off by Dan’s parents Barry and Brenda and will be followed on Saturday by Dan’s wife and son, Cath and Ben. They have all be fundraising for the Blurt Foundation and Mind to try and get us closer to our total. To top off the week I’m going to swim 5km on Sunday to make up for missing the Manchester Men’s Health event. I’m not a great swimmer and generally don’t make it much further than 800m so it will be a push to get to 5km but I will make it.

If you want to help support the swimmers, have a look at our Sponsor page or leave them a message of support.

Following the 5km swim, I’m going to attempt to row the English Channel (or the equivalent distance in the gym). The date is to be advised but it will probably be in the week between Christmas and New Year. I’ve never been a fan of the rowing machine so to row that type of distance will be testing.

The final challenge of the year of challenges will take place on 16 January and will be held at the Regen Centre in Riccall. If anyone wants to come and support, there will be food and drink available and if anyone wants to join me for some of it they are more than welcome. For the final effort I’ll be getting back in the saddle and cycling 100 miles. I was going to cover the distances of the challenges so far but we would have struggled to get a room for long enough! As I didn’t do the 100 miles during the year that I was expecting to it seemed like an ideal opportunity to rectify that.

All are welcome to come along and support and if anyone wants to sponsor any of the events, either have a look at the Sponsor Page or contact me. The end of the year is approaching and with a bit of luck we can still make it to our target.


2 thoughts on “The Final Countdown – new challenges and more!

  1. Stuart, Just how do you intend to do 100mile cycling at the Regen? Also, have you received the e-mail from Lynn regarding the Badminton January meal out? If so can you return with your preferences for venue and dates



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