It’s been another tough week, but we’ve started to move in the right direction. Like turning around an oil tanker this is taking longer than you hope and much more effort but at least there has been some progress which is better than last week. That said, it hasn’t really reflected in my training yet but more in how I feel. 

You always hope that things will happen faster than they do and that you will make more progress than you do, and this has been the case again. The current lull in mood and energy has lasted much longer than I thought or would have expected but that has led to a change of focus. Rather than beating myself up over missing training sessions or my lack of basic fitness, I’ve gone back to basics. I’ve been reflecting on why I feel like this, what was working, what hasn’t been working, what obstacles there are to success, what obstacles I’m putting up myself and what I need to do to try and overcome them. In short, I need to look at everything rather than concentrating on one aspect (in this case, training) as otherwise things will continue to break down due to the disconnect between mind, body and soul.

I can imagine that some people who read this will probably think I’ve lost it but whenever I’ve tried to tackle each aspect in isolation it has failed. Even though York Triathlon is just over two weeks away, rather than spending all my energy focusing on training I’m trying to make a long-term difference by trying to get habits established that will help over the long term.

I’ve been working on my morning and evening routines and trying to find out what works best and how I can fit everything in. I’ve been struggling over the last month with getting up early enough to get the routines in before setting off for work. One of the reasons for this has probably been down to slipping out of journaling. Journaling was helping with planning, getting me to think about what I was grateful for and focusing on what needed to be done. I’ve not been keeping the time aside either in the evening to use it properly, so I need to try to re-establish the habit. One thing that I’m going to try, which I picked up from a podcast, is to get a jar and put in 90 blue and 10 red marbles. Every day that you have achieved your aims, you take out a random marble. If it is blue, nothing happens but if you get a red one then you get a reward. By not knowing whether you will get the reward helps to keep you motivated. The reward doesn’t have to be big, just enough to make you want it.

As soon as I’ve started to get my routines back in place then I can start building on top of that, the key is to get the basic foundations back in place. I’m trying to take some of the pressure off by not fixating on training and the triathlon as continually failing to meet my targets hasn’t been helping. That said, I do need to get some training in before the triathlon and need to spend some time running and cycling. I’ll see what I can fit in but the most important thing now is to get my head right so that I can get everything back on track. There are a lot of things that I want to do but none of that will happen if I don’t sort myself out first.

It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks trying to get everything in that I can before the triathlon, but I will make it to the finish – that is one thing that I’ll be doing everything I can to make happen.

Higher, further, faster


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