The Dan Rhodes Foundation

Since the year of challenges drew to a close, there has been much soul searching over what direction to take the fundraising in going forward. After months of thinking and consideration and following the successful second attempt at Total Warrior, I came to the conclusion that there was so much more that could be done to raise awareness of mental health conditions and to try some money in Dan’s memory. To try and do this, the website and social media pages have been going through an overhaul but in order to take it further it would need something else which is where the idea of setting up a charitable foundation in Dan’s name came from.

This should help us with getting more support for the fundraising but will also allow us to claim gift aid on donations. The aims of the foundation will be the same as the original fundraising campaign but there will also be additional scope for funding projects and initiatives that fit with our charitable aims. In order to set up the foundation, we need to find some Trustees who can help us achieve our aims. There are already some people on board but we need your help! If you want to help by becoming a trustee and you think you have something to offer then please get in touch by sending us a message or contacting me at It might be that you feel passionately about mental health, that you knew Dan and want to do something in his memory or you might just want to make a difference and help someone who is struggling. If this is you then please get in touch and let us know why you want to be a trustee and what you think you have to offer. If you need some more information on the role of a trustee, click on the link which should help.


Thanks to everyone who has helped us on our journey so far and in particular to Ian Jackson who has done some amazing things with the website (and there is still more to come!). Please get in touch if you think you can help as a trustee or if you know of anyone or any companies that would want to help support us.
Thanks again and onwards and upwards

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