What are the events?

So far the events that have been confirmed are:

Weightloss and Health Challenge
Start 19 January 2015 – 18 January 2016

There are a number of aims for this challenge, the first is to do something anyone can get involved in and have a target over the next 12 months, for me to personally lose some weight in order to make this year easier and to provide some focus for getting it done, to make sure some of the events happen (as there are weight restrictions) and to raise some money doing it. It’s all about setting some personal goals, making the pledge to keep to them and then monitoring progress through the year to see how it goes. Anyone can join in and the goals could be anything from going for a walk once a week to running a marathon or completing 10,000 steps a day to losing 2 stone. The list is endless but it’s just about getting involved.

My personal goals are:
To lose 50kg
To go to the gym at least 3 times a week and be more active
To eat more healthily
To feel better about myself
To complete the challenges I’ve set myself

Progress will be posted each month against the measurable targets and if anyone wants to make specific sponsor requests,.let me know

Cycle from Drighlington to Welton (55 miles)
Confirmed Start 22 February 2015

The challenge is to cycle from Dan’s childhood home to where he settled in Welton. The route (so as to avoid the M62) is around 55 miles and will take in Leeds, Selby and other places along the A63 to end in Welton. The furthest I’ve ever cycled before is around 47 miles, which was a few years ago now, so it will be a good start to the physical challenges and will definitely test my fitness as it isn’t that far away now. For anyone on the route or close by, it’s an ideal opportunity to come and see me in action or to come and join in for while. Hopefully it won’t be too hilly but we’ll see how it is when I get out on the route as I’ve never cycled it.

Endurer Dash www.endurerevents.co.uk
Confirmed 11am start 28 March 2015

The official site says:
The Endurer DASH is a test of your strength, stamina and the limits that you can endure. Two obstacle races, an 8km and a 14km course for you to thrash around. Don’t rock up and expect to be rubber necking at the amazing Peak District scenery, or sniffing the fresh country air on a gentle morning jog. Expect to become one with the mud and country. Expect an epic obstacle course pitched on some serious terrain. Challenge Yourself. Become an Endurer!

I’m looking forward to testing myself on an obstacle course style event. To see what my fitness is like and the 8km course seems like a good starting point to challenge myself with and prepare for what lies ahead.

X-Runner Wild Thing Mud Run http://xrunner.co.uk/wild-thing-mud-run-obstacle-race/ Confirmed 11am start 18 April 2015

The official site says:
Wild Mud Run is back for it’s second year and our mission is to make this event even better than before. The swampy terrain, undulating hills and magnificent wooded areas mean we can utilise what nature has kindly given us to make this the muddiest race in the world.  The magnificent lakes in the grounds play an ideal partner to our signature obstacles – the water slides, creating maximum squeal appeal.  Bring as many spectators as you like, we do not charge the support crew and they will enjoy roaming the grounds watching you as the course turns you from serious athlete into smiling swamp donkey as you battle your way through more mud than Glastonbury!

Welcome back to the Wild Mud Run which will take place in the gorgeously historic  grounds of  Osmaston Manor in Derbyshire,  a truly magnificent and dramatic parkland setting. After a phenomenal start to the last years race calendar when the Wild Mud Run made it’s dramatic debut and was such a roaring success due in no small part to the amazing location.

The adventure race will be in the usual  5k and 10k formats, a trail and mud run with over sixty challenging obstacles in the full race distance. You can expect to encounter mud, water, tunnels, monkey bars, fire, giant walls, cargo nets, balance beams, hurdles, jacobs ladders, tightropes and the assault course.

Tough Mudder Midlands https://toughmudder.co.uk/events/2015-midlands
Confirmed 11am start 30 May 2015

The official site says:
Home to thousands of acres of the UK’s thickest woodlands, Boughton House’s log obstacles are some of the world’s most brutal. Be warned: upon conquering the forest, you’ll hardly be out of the woods. This Tough Mudder features tons of natural water obstacles and elevation changes are sure to leave you in pain.

The course is 10-12 miles across farmland and obstacles so it’s a step up in distance from the previous events and will much harder but I’ll be looking forward to getting my headband to say I’ve done it!

X Runner Water Wipeout http://xrunner.co.uk/water-wipeout/
Confirmed 11am start 20 June 2015

The official site says:
Water Wipeout is the ultimate obstacle race and mud run. This awesome challenge will include: Water Slides, Tightropes, Tunnels, Hurdles, Giant Walls, Cargo Nets, Spider’s Webs, Balance Beams, Mud, Water and the Assault Course, are you tough enough, are you up for it, are you ready for the race of your life?

There are 5k and 10k options with over fifty challenging obstacles that will take you through mud and water, the race will have you climbing, crawling, swimming and running as you take part in this extreme experience, this is a awesome adventure run taking place at the National Watersports Centre in Nottingham. The challenging natural terrain of this location is an obstacle in itself, the water sports centre is perfect for runners and triathlons with oodles of oozing mud and loads of lakes to dunk you in, we promise you will never be so wet, so muddy or so insanely satisfied by the end of the race. Its muddy good fun,

Total Warrior – Leeds http://totalwarrior.co.uk/leeds-bramham-park
Confirmed 11am start 27 June 2015

The official site says:
Expect the usual trademark TW obstacles including Human BBQ, The Shocker, The Plunge, You Tube, Worm Muncher and Hang Tough (to name a few).

Be prepared for mud, hills, water, fire, more mud and ice as we put you through our gruelling course. Not everyone will finish, but those who do will be greeted with a victory beer…and maybe even a hose pipe to clean up, if you’re lucky!

Sounds like a tough challenge but I should be much fitter by then and be able to make it through.

Tough Mudder – Yorkshire http://toughmudder.co.uk/events/2015-yorkshire
Confirmed 11am start 1 August 2015

The official site says:
In addition to turning thousands of acres of classic Yorkshire moorland into a marvel of Mudder mayhem, TM Yorkshire is sure to make mincemeat out of mediocre Mudders. Running over rough, rolling fields, through daringly dense woodlands and into streams, bogs and pools of thick, heavy mud and clay, every step on this course feels like an obstacle in itself.

It’s a rugged 11-12 mile course over farmland, grass fields and large hills in thick rich clay mud. Sounds like it’ll be a fun day out but should provide a really tough challenge.
Wiggle Yorkshire Tour Sportive Epic (101 miles) http://www.wiggle.co.uk/sc/events-calendar
8 August 2015

The official guide says:
This route explores the best cycling Yorkshire has to offer. You will cycle parts of the Tour de France ‘Grand Depart’ route linked together with quiet scenic roads. The route has real mix from quiet undulating roads to the high exposed moors with their perpetual views and stunning landscapes. Starting out from Thirsk Racecourse you will start by heading north heading out for the first section of endless rolling roads diving back south through Leeming Bar. Shortly after the Standard and Epic riders will push on west and head for the Moors! Once you have dropped down in to Leyburn on your first swoop of Wensleydale, you will head back north east, linking with the Tour de France route for the first time. As you begin to climb back out of Wensleydale Epic riders will peel off cut directly through Bellerby Ranges, with its epic views, before dropping down to Swaledale to cross the magical river swale for the first time. After passing through Reeth, riders will hop back over the river Swale for a second time, before leaving the tour route. Next is the challenging climb up on to Summer Lodge Moor, passing some of the Dales disused mines on the way. When on top of the moor the landscape unfolds, before the technical decent in to Askrigg, to rejoin the Tour Route. Now back in Wensleydale we will follow the River Ure before crossing at the Stunning Aysgarth Falls, to then head East at Leyburn for the final quick stretch back to Thirsk. For those intending on challenging themselves to the Epic route, this is not for the faint hearted the moor is tough but the views should more than make up for sore legs!

As I love cycling but have never done 100 miles before, I thought it was about time I did and doing it through some of the most beautiful scenery in the most beautiful county seemed like the an opportunity too good to miss, especially as it goes through some of the Grand Depart route. It sounds like it will be a challenge and is rated 5/5 for difficulty so it’s not going to be easy but hopefully the views will be worth it.

Leeds Triathlon http://xtramileevents/events/leeds-triathlon
Confirmed entry 13 September 2015

The official site says:
This challenging event is based in Leeds’ famous Roundhay Park. It begins with a lake swim, continuing with a picturesque, challenging cycle section out of the park and along local roads. The final stage is then a run around the impressive park being cheered on by the large crowds of spectators.

The event is made up of 1500m open water swim, 44km cycle and 9km run. I’ve not done an open water swim before or a triathlon of this distance so it will definitely be a challenge, especially as I’m not a great swimmer!

MH Survival of the Fittest – Nottingham http:www.mhsurvival.co.uk/Nottingham/
Confirmed 11am start 10 October 2015 (date to be confirmed)

The official site says:
The 2015 Nottingham event will be run on a similar line to previous routes. The course in general follows the River Trent out of the city and back in again. Highlights on the route include Nottingham Forest Football Ground and the National Watersports centre at Holme Pierrepont, where you’ll get a serious dunking. Along the way, our obstacles litter your path. In 2015, expect more obstacles and tougher obstacle zones as we continue to stretch the challenge of Survival.

As the name suggests it is survival of the fittest so hopefully I’ll be fit enough to make it over the 10k course and all of the obstacles.

MH Survival of the Fittest – Manchester http:mhsurvival.co.uk/Manchester/
Confirmed 11am start 7 November 2015 (date to be confirmed)

The official site says:
The 2015 Manchester 10k event will again link 2 dramatically different venues on a traffic-free running route: The urban spaces and stadia of Etihad Campus and the urban-oasis of Phillips Park. It’s a race of 2 halves, with Sport City offering up monster obstacle rigs from the Survival engineers amongst an uber-urban backdrop; and the Park featuring a fair chunk of mud, sweat and tears. Plus the odd soaking.

There’s 15 zones in total – each packing multiple obstacles and some harbouring as many as 10 different pieces of equipment for you to tackle. In total, expect to grip to grips with around 70 bits of kit around the course. That’s a lorra-lorra obstacles.

More details to follow as other events are arranged. If you want to join me on any of the challenges, let me know.

Let’s Do It For Dan!

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