It all starts here!

Today marks the first anniversary of Dan’s death. It was a heart wrenching moment when I heard the news and something I won’t forget. Today shouldn’t be about sadness though, it should be about the happiness that Dan brought to his friends, family and anyone he met. I still miss him all the time and although a year has passed, that feeling hasn’t changed. We’d been friends since we were 13 and he was one of my closest friends so his passing has left a hole in my life.

On Saturday night there was a celebration of his life with music, art, photography, drama, comedy and at the very end,  dad dancing – all of the things that Dan loved and he passed on to those around him. It was a lovely tribute to him and a fitting celebration for someone who was loved by so many.

Just like the celebration on Saturday, today shouldn’t be about sadness which is why today is marking the start of the ‘Do It For Dan’ fundraising campaign. The aim over the next year is to complete a number of challenges that will test both mental and physical strength. They are set up so that anyone can get involved and join in. The idea is to get the word out there and to raise awareness of mental health issues and to raise some money along the way.

Today is the start of the Weightloss and Health challenge which is all about setting yourself targets for the coming year and pledging them. Progress will then be monitored over the next year to see where we all end up. I’ve set myself some challenging targets for the year but am confident I can get there. If anyone wants to get involved there are more details on the Challenges page or just get in touch with me.

Get involved and let’s Do It For Dan!

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