Do It For Dan Needs You!


During the month of June, Local Giving is giving away prizes to ‘Local Heroes’. For each unique sponsor a fundraiser gets during the month they are given a point and points make prizes! The prizes range from £1000 for the winner to £100.

Even a donation of £1 can make the difference so why not have a look at our sponsor page and see if we can win one of the prizes as it would make such a difference to the fund raising efforts.

For the Blurt Foundation the money can make a difference:

£10 covers the admin cost of a volunteer with the Disclosure and Barring Service

£50 allows a member of the Blurt team to be sent to a school or workplace

£150 allows Blurt to recruit, train, mentor and offer a qualification to someone who is struggling to get back into employment. They then provide peer support to 5 people who are affected by depression

If you are able, help us try and get on the leaderboard and win one of the prizes. There are two events coming up this month, the X Runner Water Wipeout and Total Warrior so please lend your support and get behind us.

If you want to get involved and are on Facebook have a look at our Facebook page.

Thanks for your help and support

doug hug

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