Challenges update

It is with a heavy heart that I need to announce that I will no longer be taking part in Leeds Triathlon this year. Unfortunately due to an injury picked up following the last event I have been struggling with pain in my leg, hip and lower back which has left me unable to compete in the triathlon as I don’t want to jeopardise any of the future events by making it any worse and would also like to have given it my best shot which I wouldn’t be able to do at present. I am still planning to complete the Yorkshire 3 Peaks the weekend before but have deferred my entry to 2016.

Whilst I am disappointed to be missing the event this year I have to look at the long term and ensure that I can complete as many of the challenges as I can. Things haven’t gone as well as I originally hoped when I set out on this journey which is due to illness and other things out of my control but I will always be proud of what I have achieved so far and will still try to achieve the remaining goals. I don’t think I fully appreciated how difficult this was going to be when I started out but I am remaining focussed on making it through and raising as much awareness and money as I can. I have come a long way over the course of this adventure and it is sometimes important to realise what you have done rather than looking at what you haven’t. I’m sure that Dan would understand why I was deferring my entry and that he would be supportive of what I have achieved so far.

I have already decided that this year will not be the end of my attempts to raise awareness and funds in Dan’s memory so Leeds triathlon will be part of my 2016 plans. The plan for 2016 is to complete more challenging events but these will be individual events rather than a year of challenges which will now include Leeds Triathlon along with a few others.

There have also been the following new updates:

Training blog updated
Sponsorship page updated
Challenges updated

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