10 ways to try and escape

The modern world is full of distraction. Society is becoming increasingly immediate and people are finding it more difficult to switch off than ever before. From the constant notifications on your phone, the pop-ups on your tablet and an incessant flow of emails, we are being bombarded with information and are always contactable. Our list of things to do grows at an exponential rate which can lead to us feeling overwhelmed. If you’re struggling to switch off, here are 10 suggestions that might help:

  1. Make a plan
    When everything gets on top of us, it can be hard to see a way out. As everything merges into one big mess, we can work ourselves into the ground trying to get everything done and then end up too tired to do anything.
    By making a plan we can try and balance out what we have to do. By putting it down on paper it can help us sort out what is important from what can wait for another day. It can also help to find the time to do things that might help, like journaling, meditation or having time with friends. Once you have the list of things to do that day, you can relax when they are done because you know you’ve done the things that are most pressing.
  2. Take a break
    We all want some time to try and switch off from the outside world. To switch off properly can be difficult so to get started why not try an app like Headspace or Calm. You could also look into local yoga classes so that someone can lead you through how to do it. Another suggestion is to try breathing exercises such as box breathing which can help you relax. These don’t work for everyone but many people who try them find them helpful for switching off.
  3. Get it all out
    By writing down or talking about how we feel, it can feel like a weight is released from our shoulders. If you let everything out, you can leave it there rather than continuing to think about it which can help with switching off. It might take practice until you can leave everything on the page, but it can help even if you are just offloading some of your worries.
  4. Spend time with loved ones
    Try and get some time with people that you want to be around, can make you laugh or have fun with. It will help you let off some steam, help you feel loved and switch off from your worries. Family and friends can give you a different perspective on things and help you release the pressure. Even though you might feel like that you want to disconnect from people, being connected can help us relax and get away from it all.
  5. Volunteer
    Spending time doing something to help others can make you feel good. Experiencing something new, meeting new people and doing something worthwhile can both lift your mood and take your focus away from thinking and help you switch off.
  6. Lose yourself in something new
    Pick up a good book, put on a boxset or film and take yourself off to another world. Put your phone away and switch it off so that you can fully immerse yourself in your journey. It doesn’t matter what the genre is, getting lost in another world will help you wind down.
  7. Exercise
    If you get up and do some physical activity you will soon find yourself focusing on what you are doing. Even if it is just going out for a walk, it can help you get out of your head. If you want to get started have a look at this blog with some tips for getting started.
  8. Create
    Draw, paint, sculpt, play an instrument, build something out of Lego and you’ll find a great release. When you concentrate on what you are doing, you will soon switch off from the outside world. When you get in a creative state, you won’t be troubled by the problems that were weighing you down.
  9. Play
    Take yourself back to a carefree time by getting out some of your old games and enjoying playing like you did when you were a child. There are so many games you could play you should be able to find one that you enjoy. When you start to concentrate on what you’re playing, you’ll soon find you’re not thinking about the things that were bothering you.
  10. Be kind to yourself
    Remember that you’re human and that you will get things wrong. We all fail, that’s part of being human so there’s no benefit on dwelling on your mistakes. Spending all of your time thinking about what you’ve done wrong won’t change anything so give yourself a break. Cut yourself some slack and try to get a good rest and switch off as you’ll then be in a better position to go again.

If you know someone who you think might benefit from this, please share it with them as you never know who might need it.

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