End Of Suffering

There are a few days in the year that are more difficult than the rest. They are the ones that stir my emotions and I don’t look forward to them. Even when I’m trying to be more positive, I’m still glad when they are over. Today is one of those days as today is the … Continue reading End Of Suffering


10 ways to try and escape The modern world is full of distraction. Society is becoming increasingly immediate and people are finding it more difficult to switch off than ever before. From the constant notifications on your phone, the pop-ups on your tablet and an incessant flow of emails, we are being bombarded with information … Continue reading Relax

Food to improve your mood

While depression, anxiety and stress can be debilitating for many, there are small steps you can take with your nutrition that will help to boost your mood. Nature’s own medicine; natural whole foods, play a huge role in helping to fuel our brains and our bodies. How? By increasing levels of serotonin, an important chemical … Continue reading Food to improve your mood